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US Ironman Championship Results

Finished the US Ironman Championship with a time of 11 hours 31 minutes this past weekend.  Bummed about a mechanical issue on the bike but very happy with the results all things considered.  

I had the best swim of my life (2.4 miles in 49 minutes or 1:17 per 100 M).

As mentioned above, my gear shift knob on my aero bars broke!  My bike time hurt me due to the gear shifter issue in the overall standings. Finished the bike in 5:51 — I was expecting 5 hours flat based on training and previous ride efforts.

I was anxious riding my bike for much of the 112 mile bike ride as my shifting was impacted and my bike was making some very strange noises.  A bit unnerving as there were many bike accidents the day of the race.  Lucky I was not one of them and lucky the bike mechanical issue did not prevent me from completing the bike course and the race as a whole! Bike issues can end your day!

I was happiest with my marathon time (4:34)because the course was extremely hilly, heat was at 90 degrees and the humidity was off the charts.  In similar conditions at the Boston Marathon I ran 3:49 but that was minus a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike ride!  : - )   

The overall male pro who won the entire race called it the most difficult course in triathlon including Kona.  I am not sure about that but it was very challenging and that is also what made it so rewarding! I ended up with a Top 20% finish or 79th out of 429 competitors in my age group.  Kona is still on the bucket list.

Special thanks to my sponsor Beanitos and to all of you, my friends and family who have been so supportive.  Thank you for being there for me during this life journey!  

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